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Sheffield Sounds Music Forums

The site is vast and growing daily and will continue to grow over the forthcoming years into a huge archive of information and photos and videos.

As you scroll down the main page you'll notice it might take a while to get to the bottom of the main page simply because of the number of different forums and sections therefore it would probably be a good idea to favourite or bookmark the sections you use most

Here are a list of sections that will take you straight to where you want to be:

Sheffield Bands (huge section with an archive of Sheffield bands) -

Sheffield Gig Venues (info and thoughts on each Sheffield music venue) -

Sheffield Promoters -

Sheffield Recording Studios -

Sheffield Band Rehearsal & Practice Room Facilities -

Sheffield music reviewers, blogs and podasts

Sheffield Photographers and Videographers (for your press shots or music videos) -

Sheffield Sound Engineers Forum (place for engineers to chat or for you to chat about engineers and sound tech) -

Sheffield Musicians Forum - (discuss gear, equipment, songwriting etc) -

Sheffield Music Classified Ads (instruments, band members, gear, recording equipment) -

Sheffield Sounds Forum Support (all things related to this website) -

Let us know if we've missed anything by telling us below....

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To buy tickets for our events please visit: Skiddle.

Sell tickets online: Skiddle Promotion Centre

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