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Adelphi release 'Poets and the Thieves'

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Adelphi Poets and the Thieves.jpg

Sheffield indie popsters Adelphi have released their newest single 'Poets and the Thieves' on all major platforms.

This track is a big step up for the four piece with some clever repetition on the lyric side of things (I challenge you to listen to it a few times and not come away with 'I'll take you down' in your head afterwards)

The band have been a Sheffield mainstay in the indie scene for some time and have a proven track record for steady releases that stick, and quite possibly the band that have the most memorable songs as a result. 

By taking their time with releases and not overloading Itunes with new songs every other month it means they can keep hitting you with the same track over a period of time, resulting in you knowing the words to all their songs through repeat views.

It's a sensible approach and it's worked for them. Every gig of theirs is pretty much a greatest hits experience already.

On the live side Adelphi have come a long way over their lifetime and put in a strong set now packed with more energy, heart and feeling than when they first came onto the Sheffield music scene.

Adelphi Poets and the Thieves.jpg

Anyway I'm rambling. The news is that their new song is out now on Itunes, Spotify and all other platforms that matter so head over and have a listen and let us know what you think below.





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