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TRASH to play Leadmill

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TRASH are playing Leadmill on the 21st October

Local(ish) band TRASH are playing at the Leadmill in a few weeks time, following the release of their self titled EP TRASH.

The band have had a collection of singles out but this debut EP is breaking grounds in terms of what they can do, selling vinyl's, new shirts, CD's etc across the country and the fanbase is booming for the fresh music. TRASH are a very interactive band, always on twitter and social media, posting things from serious "Businessy" band things to jokes and funny images. This creates a homely feel around the band and helps break the disconnect between the band and the real people. The band are playing Sheffield again after playing Tramlines at Crystal Stage which had a bit of controversy behind it with the venue not allowing in 14+ without an adult. This didn't seem to make much major impact however as the stage was still as full as it was all weekend. 


Find the TRASH EP and other TRASH merch here: 


Or TICKETS here:



The gig has support from similar band FUR which have a sound like TRASH, but even lighter, the two bands are a good match and are bound to sell out the Leadmill with second support from Them Sardines. Since TRASH were last at Leadmill supporting October Drift they have grown enough to be able to command the gig, being headliners in their biggest show yet! This date is the middle of an October tour that TRASH are following up by supporting JAWS on tour in November, it seems to have all come together at the end of this year for the band and it can only go up from here.

Click here to listen to Migraines, a song from the TRASH EP:



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