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Chanel Yates & The Visual release new EP

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Rising star Chanel Yates and The Visual today released their new EP 'Castaway'

We don't do reviews (we leave that to others) but couldn't help having a nosey at this one

Featuring four tracks in total this EP opens up with The Station that floats along very nicely with some neat little quirky guitar plucks as well as Chanel dropping her trademark vocals over the top and the whole track is a very easy listen indeed.

Next up is the title track 'Castaway' with a cracking chorus of emotion that is already our favourite song from Chanel and her band The Visual. If this is the shape of things to come then Chanel has the potential to really grow at a rapid rate if she makes and takes the right choices in this music 'industry'.

Third track 'Circles' shows Chanel's versatility with an intimate stripped back warm opening, with some truly exceptional vocals bursting out of this one and some great songwriting skills on show. Throw some saxophone in and you have a great recording going on.

The EP culminates with Sunburn which is a lively upbeat reggae tinged affair that chugs along well, and a song that would be best accompanied by  walking next to a flowing stream with an ice cream in the blazing sun

Chanel Yates and The Visual are a young upcoming band just getting started and as an EP this demonstrates that all the potential is there for sure. Where they go next is totally up to them and the future looks bright

The band celebrate this EP release with a show at Corporation on Saturday 19th May. Tickets - 

Chanel + The Visual - https://www.facebook.com/ChanelAndTheVisual/


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