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The Seaboard Rise 49 - You know you want this...

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Seaboard Rise 49.jpeg

This is the ROLI Seaboard Rise 49 keyboard / synthesiser 

It's a brand new concept of 5d touch playing of a standard keyboard layout but it allows so much more in terms of what you can do.

On the ROLI Seaboard Rise website it says:

The Seaboard RISE fuses the best of digital technology, materials technology, and industrial design. The result is an advanced instrument that restores everything we love about the design of acoustic instruments like the guitar. It has a simple and elegant frame. It’s easily portable. And it’s intuitively playable, as well as a joy to play.

Looking at the video we'd say that's a fair enough claim. It's a bit of a revolutionary way to play keyboards and synths and it also seems to add that extra wonder factor to what exactly you can achieve if you play around with it.

It's bluetooth enabled wireless, easy to transport and comes with synth software called equator for getting the most out of the Seaboard RISE

Comes in two sizes too with a smaller version if you're not up for the 49 key sized keyboard.

What do you reckon? Fancy one?

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