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Are getting the most from Sheffield Live?

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When you listen to Sheffield Live or watch the output of the programming of Sheffield Live TV you have to wonder if we are really getting the most out of our cities offering.

The TV channel isn't even available to everyone in the city which is a poor result given the amount of hype that was surrounding Sheffield getting it's own TV channel before it went ot air.

Sheffield Live TV was supposed to deliver quality community television output but (in our honest humble opinion) is well lacking compared to that of Leeds, Bristol or London's equivalent.

I've forgot the number of times I've tried to search the Sheffield Live website trying in vain to get the Sheffield Live TV channel to stream live.

Having seen Leeds and London's equivalent we really are a very poor cousin and it needs immediate resolution to give this city what it really deserves and not some powerpoint TV presentation.

Sheffield Live radio has been going for years but let's be honest when you look at the output can we honestly say hand on heart that it's been nurtured, encouraged and developed over the years to improve year on year? I don't think I can look you in the eye and say that is the case.

It appears from the outside to be just ticking along in a state of happy mediocrity which just isn't good enough.

Surely we should be striving to be right up there amongst the best in the country?

Surely we should be innovating, exciting, educating, illuminating and impressing?

Are Sheffield Live out there tapping into young producers, presenters and content?

Is there a system for reviewing the quality of content and seeking out better/more relevant and exciting content?

Instead it appears that there's a significant complacency that has set in that has led to both the Sheffield Live radio station and the Sheffield Live TV channel underperforming and disappointing everyone on the outside.

What we'd really like to see is a huge improvement on the quality, curation and development of both the Sheffield Live radio offering, and definitely the quality of the output on the Sheffield Live TV channel.

I'm sorry but what we are getting as viewers/listeners/consumers really isn't acceptable for a city of this size, importance and enthusiasm.

That's our opinion. We could be wrong (don't think we are though). Leave your thoughts/opinions below.

Are you happy with Sheffield Live's output?

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