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What is PPL and why should I care?

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So you're in a band or you're an artist. You are recording music and playing live and having the time of your life right?

Cool that's good and long may that continue

But you keep hearing murmurs and whispers about this PPL thing don't you. You might not have looked at it, looked into it or fully understand what it means.

For those that do that's great and you can help contribute to this section/thread (in fact please do as peer to peer advice and help is sometimes the best)

For those bands out there who might find the whole PPL / PRS thing daunting fear not for we will be bringing you all the help, info and advice that we can over the coming months and post them here for you to read in your own time.

Our goal is simple on this one. To let as many bands and artists know as many facts about PPL so that you can start getting stuck into the various benefits of joining/claiming that you might not yet be aware of.

It's a simple thing in reality and we'll show you this over the next few posts in this section

In the meantime read up on PPL here -


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