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Found 6 results

  1. So, it seems Tramlines Festival looks to be on the move again, further away from the city centre, to Hillsborough Park... Link: http://sheff.info/tramlines2018
  2. Tramlines have just dropped their lineup announcement for Tramlines Festival 2017 and it's a big one. The reactions to the line up today have potentially been the most positive of all Tramlines Festival announcements with The Libertines, The Coral, Cabbage, The Pharcyde, We Are Scientists being welcomed warmly with open arms by the Sheffield public. Should be a big one this year and I can see this being a record selling year. THE LIBERTINES / METRONOMY / ALL SAINTS / THE CORAL / LOYLE CARNER / TWIN ATLANTIC / TOOTS & MAYTALS / AKALA / CABBAGE / CATE LE BON / DON LETTS / HOT 8 BRASS BAND / NADIA ROSE / OMAR SOULEYMAN / THE PHARCYDE / SPRING KING / WE ARE SCIENTISTS / Just Announced:The Libertines / METRONOMY / All Saints / The Coral / Twin Atlantic / Toots and the Maytals / Loyle CarnerAkala / CABBAGE / Cate Le Bon / Don Letts / The Hot 8 Brass Band / M.O / Nadia Rose / Omar Souleyman / The Pharcyde / Spring King / We Are ScientistsAlvarez Kings / Blaenavon / Bossy Love / Estrons / Fizzy Blood / Goat Girl / Jalen N'Gonda / John Joseph Brill / Lucy Spraggan / Mike Hughes / Sheffield's Sgt Pepper Project / The Age Of LUNA / The Magic Gang / The Wharves / Yorkston Thorne Khan++ More TBA! Official Tramlines Website - http://tramlines.org.uk
  3. This for me is one of the best photos shot at Tramlines Festival and it comes from the lens of Kevin Wells - music photographer. The artist pictured here is Luke Spiller, frontman of The Struts, shot when the band played to a rammed out Tramlines Crystal Stage. The photo sums up the weekend, the event, the venue and the band perfectly and as you can see the crowd were having as much fun as Kevin was. What an outstanding photo. Big up Kevin Wells Bands - get in touch with Kevin if you want any live shots done
  4. Last year's Tramlines Festival was 'ok' but wasn't ever going to set the world alight. The Catfish and the Bottlemen booking was the perfect Tramlines booking really. Sheffield is a home to Catfish and always has been and with the recent rise of the band it was a no brainer to bring them to Sheffield to play the festival. Most of the other bookings were 'ok' but there was nothing really to get the city intent on buying tickets for the festival and with the move to Ponderosa still a sore point, and with the teething problems still evident, it seemed like the festival was short of that big 'WOW" factor. Tramlines seem to be great at the warehouse gigs and some of the after hours bookings, but lacking in the main daytime festival bookings. Dizzee Rascal might have been cool and relevant amongst a handful of folk, but to the mainstream ticket buying public Dizzee was a thing of the past. A star from years ago who last had a big hit when they were kids. Kelis was one of the most bizarre bookings of the weekend to be fair. Many of the young ticket buyers wouldn't have been born when Kelis last had a hit, and the majority of those who DID remember her really wouldn't have cared. That's not to say Dizzee and Kelis don't put on a great live show. Once there in their company it's a different story, but ultimately the future of the festival depends on booking bands that will shift the tickets. George Clinton saw a critical response disappointed with the statesman of funk's ability to still put on a show, but no complaints really of the Tramlines committee for the booking. Was definitely worth a try, although you have to ask how many people bought tickets on the back of it? The heritage / nostalgia acts sometimes work and sometimes don't. Nobody can deny that Public Enemy really was a blockbuster of an announcement right? The festival could go down the pop route and do it's best to pull in the more contemporary Hallam FM style artists in order to shift tickets, but that would be horrific and whilst it may sell a few tickets it would also kill the credibility of Tramlines Festival as a 'must be at' event. What they need is a big bang they can push and promote. Can they afford The 1975? Maybe, maybe not. Blossoms? They would be a great shout this year and hopefully are already in the bag for the July festival. So where does this leave Tramlines Festival for 2017? One thing is certain. The festival needs blockbuster bookings this time in order to sell out all tickets for the weekend and not just for one band as we saw with Catfish and the Bottlemen. Festival crowds are more critical these days of the lineups and when you broadcast and announce your lineup before you've sold your tickets you're running the risk of people turning their noses up and walking on by. Programming a festival is a very tricky business. Depending on what you want to do with your festival and how you want it to appear from a credibility and image perspective you have to balance what will shift tickets (Catfish) with what bands you want to put on to appear 'cool' or 'credible' It will be really interesting to see what the Tramlines bookers decide on this year. Ultimately you can't please all the people all the time so there will always be criticism of the lineup no matter who they book. Let's hope they put on the biggest, brightest and best Tramlines Festival ever and that we are absolutely buzzing for it. If they pull that off there can be no criticism of lineup. But they need to step up a little bit from last years' lineup that's for sure. Who would YOU put on? Post below...
  5. The story of REPOMEN

    We are huge fans of Sheffield legends Repomen. Not only have they had the absolute sheer determination to still be playing 25 years later when most bands chuck it in after two or three, but they keep delivering great music and killer live performances at gigs. Anyway here's a short documentary film by Nathan Gibson and Andy Brown about Sheffield indie-band RepoMen. Shot over the course of about a year the film follows the band as they gear up for Tramlines 2013 in the city of Sheffield.
  6. Not a massive fan of The Hop

    I'm not the biggest fan of The Hop. To me it feels like a big cold warehouse and in all the shows I've been to I've never really seen it 'go off' in there. It seems a big space to fill (both vertically and size wise in terms of numbers of audience) and the sound hasn't been the best either. I'd be interested in hearing if anyone has had a great experience in there as still could be convinced that The Hop has something meaningful to offer Sheffield as a live music venue. ps because I'm always busy I've not managed to get into The Hop during Tramlines Festival so not seen it in full flow at that point.