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Found 26 results

  1. Reyt Good Road Trip

    Part Two out now! Reverend And The Makers on a Reyt Good Road Trip. We discuss :- Playing Knebworth + Heaton Park Noel Gallagher, Ian Brown + Richard Ashcroft New Projects Being a grafter. Introducing Jeremy Corbyn to the stage. CLICK NOW
  2. New Reyt Good Road Trip out now! Episode 5 (Part One) With Mike Hughes We discuss :- Trap 2. Touring with Kasabian Being signed for £20k. Having to sue the label. Advice for bands before signing a contract. Getting back into it Solo. Black Gold. Media trading at Norton College. Molasses oil. WATCH HERE
  3. ⭐️It's our 1st birthday today, let's celebrate⭐️ We review the first year, Debra Meaden, birthday drinks and have all these acts on the show. SHEAFS // Syrupp // Kid Conventional // Vida // Henderson Band // Otis Mensah //Amy Humphrys Music Enjoy. Please share and susbscribe for free. Sponsored by Alya Records ITS HERE
  4. Just now · Now then. This Saturday at Mulberry Tavern The Jade Assembly / The Ruby Blues / Teeff / The Hudares Free entry / 8pm start #ReytGood CLICK HERE FOR DETAIL
  5. Just now · Now then. This Saturday at Mulberry Tavern The Jade Assembly / The Ruby Blues / Teeff / The Hudares Free entry / 8pm start #ReytGood CLICK HERE FOR DETAIL
  6. Brand new Reyt Good editorial, the latest human to join the team is is Beau Marr with his new series of What happens if....? You will enjoy this! READ HERE
  7. Brand new Editorial from Jubby Taylor THE KITCHEN DISCO JOURANALS "Trump does not appeal to pop stars, he doesn’t seem to appeal to anyone yet here we have it. The world has gone mad, the world is mad and the music world should be MAD!!" REVIEW HERE
  8. Part beatnik, part street, part punk, part couture. Punk Couture an editorial. LINK
  9. This Thursday at the Frog and Parrot Free entry, 8pm start. RYAN YOUNG AND THE ELECTRIC SUNRISE GREGG AND THE BAND THE OUTFITS FACEBOOK GROUP

    Today's music review Broken Witt Rebels 'Georgina Pine' 'The song (‘Low’) has a level of audacity to it which is meant to invite you into this project with open arms. Choruses spring out of nowhere, as well as the odd screeching guitar riff. It’s hard to believe this music came from Birmingham and not South Carolina' REVIEW HERE

    New gig preview : Beware Of Echoes play their debut gig @Leadmill Feb 11th. Plus single news. READ HERE
  12. New Reyt Good podcast out now!

    New Podcast out now . With Reyt Good music magazine reviewers Josh Bell + David Crouch as we take a look back over 2016 and our favourite bands. There is a section on worst band too for the interest of balance. TUNES FROM No Hot Ashes / Four Authors / The Slow Readers Club / Black Mamba Fever / Cellar Door Moon Crow / Conor Houston / Liberty Ship / October Drift DISCUSSED KONG / Sam Scherdel (Sam Scherdel & The Fix)l / TRASH / Fionas Run / Regulus / I Kept The Wolves Away / FEMUR / Sundance / Fear Lies / Adelphi Please Share and leave a review on iTunes or YouTube, it really supports the podcast grow to new audiences. JOIN THE FUN HERE
  13. New Xmas podcast

    New Xmas podcast out now! In this episode Carl and Scott do some festive beer tasting ( A nod to the The MerryCast podcast ) We read out a few letters sent to us us from celebrity fans. We exchange christmas gifts and bring to you some quality tunes from I Kept The Wolves Away/ The Wired/ Vida / SHEAFS / Bayonet / The Chessmen / Prime Sponsored by Alya Records Please Subcribe for free on iTunes / YouTube / Acast Here http://www.reytgoodmusic.com/xmas-podcast/

  15. PODCAST NEWS On Sunday we release our new Christmas podcast. In this episode Carl and Scott do some festive beer tasting ( A nod to the The MerryCast Podcast) We reveal letters sent to us us from celebrity's We exchange christmas gig and bring to you some quality tunes from I Kept The Wolves away / The Wired / Vida / Prime / Sheafs / Bayonet / The Chessmen Subcribe and share here. Merry Christmas.
  16. Friday 17th Feb 2017 Adelphi / Femur / VULTVRES / Sundance £5 on sale now LIMITED ONLINE TICKETS AVAILABLE
  17. Reyt Good Music blog have just dropped out a review of the latest offering from the SHEAFS boys ' Nobodys Watching' Review duties fall this time to David Crouch and he's given a detailed look at this new Sheafs material. This band are doing well currently and growing nicely, but what do Reyt Good Music think? Head on over and find out.... http://www.reytgoodmusic.com/thesheafs/
  18. Josh Bell of Reyt Good Music Blog has (in a short space of time) gained notoriety for straight talk, shooting from the hip and being brutally honest about his opinions and feelings in his reviews of the Sheffield music scene. His latest review has just been published over at Reyt Good Music blog (still can't get used to that name) and covers his experience of The SSS, Sundance, and The Vellas playing music he doesn't really have any interest in. The results are interesting... have a read... Reyt Good Music - http://www.reytgoodmusic.com/thesssatcityhall/
  19. Singer Songwriter Harriet Rose Grant is to appear at The Mulberry Tavern on one of Carl Maloney's 'Reyt Good Music' events This talented artist will be playing alongside Prime, Factory Reasons (although given they've split up that can't be happening), and headliners The Dwellers who are playing their first ever Sheffield gig. Friday 9th December is the date and it's one of those lovely free entry affairs so won't cost you anything to nip in. For those of you who haven't seen Harriet Rose Grant yet this is your chance to head into The Mulberry and check out this rising talent.
  20. Here's Sheffield rock band VETNO playing their track 'God Has No Hair' live at The Washington in Sheffield The band were playing for @Reyt Good Mag Carl in a Reyt Good Music night Like it? Hate it? Tell us what you think below...
  21. Reyt Good Music Magazine

    We are a online magazine. We offer exposure to artists through our live shows, TV, radio, podcast and web services. www.ReytGoodMusic.com
  22. It's a brave artist who offers up their music for review on Reyt Good Music The publication (owned by Carl Maloney and contributed to by Josh Bell) aren't ones for being sycophantic or yes men to bands who want a sickly review of their live performances or their tracks. It's straight talking shoot from the hip stuff this, and the latest to feel the wrath of their truth is Ian Guerin who offered up his latest single, which unfortunately for him just happened to be a Christmas song. Now normally it's a polite 6 out of 10 get out clause for reviewers but at Reyt Good Music they don't do any of that. They'd rather give a deliciously honest score that could break hearts or create parties, and it's proving for some unmissable reading. Ian Guerin gets a savaging for this Christmas song from reviewer Josh Bell who it's safe to say isn't a fan of the festive ditties. Reyt Good Music Review - http://www.reytgoodmusic.com/ianguerin/ Whether you agree with their approach or not you can't argue that it's not a little bit irresistible reading. Let us know what you think about this approach Is it an horrific contribution to the Sheffield music scene or is it a refreshingly honest approach that bands will benefit from?
  23. Sheffield blog, reviewers and podcasters Reyt Good Music have just dropped out their latest review and it's a bit of a savaging for Ian Guerin and his new Christmas song 'For The Holidays'. Reyt Good Music reviewer Josh Bell doesn't hold back with his true feelings in this review stating before he gets stuck into this song "Christmas songs are the bane of my life during the winter months" Josh then goes on to explain why he's not a lover of Christmas songs stating that they get rammed into his ears all day every day whilst at work or shopping or on TV (we agree with you Josh - we hate Christmas songs too mate) Anyway have a read for yourself and see what score out of 10 that Josh handed to Ian Guerin's Christmas ditty - http://www.reytgoodmusic.com/ianguerin/ Will it be Ho Ho Ho or No No No ? If you hate Christmas songs then let us know below. If you love em then give your heads a shake
  24. Here's a cracking little video of Sheffield based rock band Fear Lies playing live at The Washington for Reyt Good Music. With influences from bands like Black Sabbath and Foo Fighters, Fear Lies have been doing their thing on the Sheffield music scene for a while and in this video somehow managed to hop on the tiny (or is it intimate?) stage at The Washington for a live show for Carl Maloney's night. You can learn more about Fear Lies over on their official Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/pg/FearLiesUK/