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  1. Here's a guy that I've not seen nearly enough buzz about. I find this song absolutely hypnotic at the moment.
  2. Cheers, I remember them doing a tune at Tramlines where they got a load of cheerleaders on stage, created a great atmosphere. I would love to see more electronic music like this out there on the Sheffield scene - maybe we are missing people...
  3. Everly Pregnant Brothers Crapmas Party

    That was a great night! Was lucky enough to be filming it. Whatever your personal feelings on the tunes, you can't deny these lads give a great show. The crowd lapped it up. Meat n Tatty pie and Pork Pie served as well. Awesome.
  4. What's under Paul 'Tufty' Tuffs hat?

    It is my understanding that Toby Foster presents his BBC show from under there....
  5. Sheffield Bands we miss: Who else remembers Shake Aletti? I remember seeing them at Tramlines and Club 60 - Blew me away both times.
  6. Going to be a great gig this. We are filming some footage for the new music video at this gig so it would be great to see people out in numbers. It's worth it for Grammercy Park but you'd be mega foolish not to stay and savour the rest.
  7. Milburn announce third album recording

    I don't see them doing that, I think fans expect more balls. Some of Joe's new stuff that he played at last years xmas shindig showed some real promise....
  8. Milburn announce third album recording

    Super excited about this! The O2 gigs were off the hook!
  9. New Advert for Renton Productions

  10. Hey Guys, I'm after some opinions on my new promotion for Renton Productions - it's aimed at the Music Video side of the business but I've gone about it in a strange way. I'd be interested to hear what you guys think. www.rentonweddings.co.uk
  11. Gramercy Park video by Renton Productions

    Thanks guys for this! Tristan here from Renton Productions. I'm really looking forward to this forum kicking off and getting to chat to some of you artists about working together....