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Sheffield Promoters

Sheffield gig and live music promoters


  1. Aggressive Management

    Sheffield based music and gig promoters Aggressive Management

  2. AMP Promotions

    Sheffield promoter Aaron Procter and AMP Promotions

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  3. Broadcast (Christian Carlisle)

    BBC Radio Sheffield Introducing presenter Christian Carlisle's 'Broadcast'

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  4. ComRock

    Sheffield promoters ComRock led by Steve Goodburn

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  5. English Rain

    Sheffield live event promoters English Rain

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  6. Forge Presents

    Sheffield promoters Forge Presents

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  7. Fourth City

    Fourth City are a Sheffield based live events and gig promotions company

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  8. Kick Out The Jams

    Sheffield alternative music promoters Kick Out The Jams

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  9. Konga

    Sheffield/Matlock based promoter Konga

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  10. Northern Crossroads

    Sheffield promoters Northern Crossroads

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  11. Propellor Management

    Sheffield live music and event promoters Propellor Management

  12. Reyt Good Music

    Carl Maloney's Reyt Good Music promotes gigs in Sheffield

  13. Rough Shag Promotions

    Sheffield promoters Rough Shag

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  14. The Honey Bee Blues Club

    Sheffield's Honey Bee Blues Club

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