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  2. Class electronic music mixed with clever beats and some atmospheric aural sounds is what Beware Of Echoes do. At least that's PART of what they do. With their new release 'You'll Never Learn' they've gone way further than the norm in more ways than one given the fact that this release is totally self produced. When we say everything we mean everything that has been produced by the band. They wrote the song, recorded it, produced it and then got their cinema cameras out and filmed, edited and produced their own video too. And what a job they've done too. Have a look. BEWARE OF ECHOES - YOU"LL NEVER LEARN
  3. Sheffield indie popsters Adelphi have released their newest single 'Poets and the Thieves' on all major platforms. This track is a big step up for the four piece with some clever repetition on the lyric side of things (I challenge you to listen to it a few times and not come away with 'I'll take you down' in your head afterwards) The band have been a Sheffield mainstay in the indie scene for some time and have a proven track record for steady releases that stick, and quite possibly the band that have the most memorable songs as a result. By taking their time with releases and not overloading Itunes with new songs every other month it means they can keep hitting you with the same track over a period of time, resulting in you knowing the words to all their songs through repeat views. It's a sensible approach and it's worked for them. Every gig of theirs is pretty much a greatest hits experience already. On the live side Adelphi have come a long way over their lifetime and put in a strong set now packed with more energy, heart and feeling than when they first came onto the Sheffield music scene. Anyway I'm rambling. The news is that their new song is out now on Itunes, Spotify and all other platforms that matter so head over and have a listen and let us know what you think below. Link : ADELPHI - POETS AND THE THIEVES
  4. s SHEAFS releasing new single "This is not a protest" Sheffield newcomers SHEAFS have seemingly come out of nowhere and took the industry on head first, releasing a couple of songs, including Nobody's Watching and Mind Pollution. SHEAFS are moving away from the frequently mentioned "Arctic Monkeys sound" and going darker and deeper, with the release of Mind Pollution, SHEAFS have shown to have moved away from that sound a lot and found their own, unique sound. The new single "This is not a protest" is moving towards that same side, and will be out for full release in late November, however they have released it on Soundcloud, through Gigwise, and it is looking good. To listen to the new single click here: http://www.gigwise.com/news/110809/sheafs-this-is-not-a-protest-sheffield-band-york-fibbers-leeds-chapel SHEAFS have had a great summer, starting the feeling with headlining Tramlines at the Crystal stage, then moving on to bigger festivals such as YNOT Quarry stage in front of 2000+ people. They have come far in such a short time it makes you wonder where they have to go next, the band started a couple of years ago, playing in places such as Frog and Parrot and Rocking Chair at 100 cap. The band have created their own sound and are on their way to stardom, partnering with This Feeling, gigging all over and now being a part of the ALIVE tour, playing tonight, 5th October in York. Keep an eye out, they're on their way to the top, and fast. Watch the video for Mind Pollution here:
  5. TRASH are playing Leadmill on the 21st October Local(ish) band TRASH are playing at the Leadmill in a few weeks time, following the release of their self titled EP TRASH. The band have had a collection of singles out but this debut EP is breaking grounds in terms of what they can do, selling vinyl's, new shirts, CD's etc across the country and the fanbase is booming for the fresh music. TRASH are a very interactive band, always on twitter and social media, posting things from serious "Businessy" band things to jokes and funny images. This creates a homely feel around the band and helps break the disconnect between the band and the real people. The band are playing Sheffield again after playing Tramlines at Crystal Stage which had a bit of controversy behind it with the venue not allowing in 14+ without an adult. This didn't seem to make much major impact however as the stage was still as full as it was all weekend. Find the TRASH EP and other TRASH merch here: https://www.tr4shb4nd.com/ Or TICKETS here: https://www.tr4shb4nd.com/tickets The gig has support from similar band FUR which have a sound like TRASH, but even lighter, the two bands are a good match and are bound to sell out the Leadmill with second support from Them Sardines. Since TRASH were last at Leadmill supporting October Drift they have grown enough to be able to command the gig, being headliners in their biggest show yet! This date is the middle of an October tour that TRASH are following up by supporting JAWS on tour in November, it seems to have all come together at the end of this year for the band and it can only go up from here. Click here to listen to Migraines, a song from the TRASH EP:
  6. New Milburn album

    New Milburn album is out and might be worth a look if you're a fan - LINK
  7. Redfaces playing Plug 14th October Redfaces are finishing their tour for their new single titled "Take it or Leave it" with a hometown gig in Sheffield's venue Plug. The band have recently dropped the new single, to much praise by magazines and the fans, and have toured around England to celebrate. Take it or Leave it is the fourth single Redfaces have put out and the songs are showing improvement of the band's sound. The, hopefully sell out, gig will be happening in Sheffield on the 14th of October, after the plenty of festivals they have taken part in and gone in preparation. Listen to the new single here: The Sheffield band started with a demo of the single Katie Come home which took interests of a lot of big eyes, for example, BBC Introducing which helped them gain an audience. Looking forward to Redfaces' future as a band and what they can do for the music in Sheffield. A ticket link to the Plug show is below, I would recommend coming down and seeing them before they take off even more than they have. The Plug gig is bound to be great with them having filled out their stage at Live at Leeds as well as being a support to DMA's for a few dates, so buy tickets before it's too late! Ticket link: http://leadmill.co.uk/events/redfaces-plug/
  8. So, it seems Tramlines Festival looks to be on the move again, further away from the city centre, to Hillsborough Park... Link: http://sheff.info/tramlines2018
  9. Reyt Good Road Trip

    Part Two out now! Reverend And The Makers on a Reyt Good Road Trip. We discuss :- Playing Knebworth + Heaton Park Noel Gallagher, Ian Brown + Richard Ashcroft New Projects Being a grafter. Introducing Jeremy Corbyn to the stage. CLICK NOW
  10. Make Noise Studios

    We've got a guitar & amp for every genre! No matter what your style, we've got what you need. Fender, Marshall, Orange, Blackstar, Laney, Vox, Hiwatt, PRS, Gretsch, Epiphone, Gibson to name a few top guitar & amp brands Check out our website for more details! Recording starts from £75 per day.
  11. Vuromantics Catch Up

    Catch Up With Vuromantics here:
  12. Local lads SUNDANCE are to support CAESAR this Saturday night at a big show at Record Junkee Sundance were recently announced for Tramlines Crystal Stage as well as the big bash at Wentworth this summer and are having a great year so far Caesar are a wavy shoegazey type band with a great sound (see the video above) The night should be a cracker. Get down and support live music as always! Tickets here - https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Sheffield/Record-Junkee/Caesar/12974065/
  13. Conor Houston has established himself as one of the most respected musical artists in the city over recent years and so we are delighted to hear that he's just announced he will be releasing an album of new material. The album title is 'Impartial Advice' and features 7 brand new tracks Recorded at Redfern Studios the album is to be released on Monday 10th July and we can't wait to hear it Keep an eye out on Conor's Facebook page for more news on this - https://www.facebook.com/ConorHoustonOfficial
  14. Big show at The Leadmill tonight at Crooked Flames and Adelphi support JUDAS for a big Monday night out With both bands set to drop new music and videos shortly, there should be a good crowd in The Leadmill for our hometown bands before JUDAS take to the stage as the Sheffield leg of their current tour A few tickets left on The Leadmill website or pay on the door on the night Either way head down to The Leadmill tonight for this lineup!
  15. New Reyt Good Road Trip out now! Episode 5 (Part One) With Mike Hughes We discuss :- Trap 2. Touring with Kasabian Being signed for £20k. Having to sue the label. Advice for bands before signing a contract. Getting back into it Solo. Black Gold. Media trading at Norton College. Molasses oil. WATCH HERE
  16. Rising star Chanel Yates and The Visual today released their new EP 'Castaway' We don't do reviews (we leave that to others) but couldn't help having a nosey at this one Featuring four tracks in total this EP opens up with The Station that floats along very nicely with some neat little quirky guitar plucks as well as Chanel dropping her trademark vocals over the top and the whole track is a very easy listen indeed. Next up is the title track 'Castaway' with a cracking chorus of emotion that is already our favourite song from Chanel and her band The Visual. If this is the shape of things to come then Chanel has the potential to really grow at a rapid rate if she makes and takes the right choices in this music 'industry'. Third track 'Circles' shows Chanel's versatility with an intimate stripped back warm opening, with some truly exceptional vocals bursting out of this one and some great songwriting skills on show. Throw some saxophone in and you have a great recording going on. The EP culminates with Sunburn which is a lively upbeat reggae tinged affair that chugs along well, and a song that would be best accompanied by walking next to a flowing stream with an ice cream in the blazing sun Chanel Yates and The Visual are a young upcoming band just getting started and as an EP this demonstrates that all the potential is there for sure. Where they go next is totally up to them and the future looks bright The band celebrate this EP release with a show at Corporation on Saturday 19th May. Tickets - http://www.corporation.org.uk/gig/2141/Chanel+%2B+The+Visual+at+Corporation+on+19+May+2017 Chanel + The Visual - https://www.facebook.com/ChanelAndTheVisual/

    Happy Birthday Reyt Good Music! Keep pushing on!
  18. Tramlines Festival this year is shaping up to be an interesting and exciting one. With the official festival focussing on just three main stage areas (all outdoors), the fringe side of things has stepped forward to take over the urban side of Sheffield over the weekend. Non more-so than the Crystal Stage, curated by Aggressive Management, which is traditionally a venue that champions new bands, new music and artists who are yet to be discovered by many Sheffielders Already announced as headlining the Sunday this year for example is KEIR, an outstanding artist from the South West who is currently under-wraps but headed for huge things in the future. On the more local front today saw SUNDANCE announced as playing Tramlines Crystal Stage this year. This young band have much promise and although it's very early in their musical careers they're already forming a wide and loyal army of fans as well as starting to pen some great songs. The future seems very bright for this band who have already struck up relationships with some of the industry tastemakers and professionals, and Crystal Stage seems a perfect platform for them to show what they can do. As always entry to Crystal is free all weekend (no tickets, passes or wristbands needed - just walk on in!) and over the weekend promises to be the single-most exciting fringe stage of them all. Make sure you're there for Sundance's set too and see why a few people have their eye on them for the future Tramlines Crystal Stage 2017 event page - https://www.facebook.com/events/486386981551402/ Sundance - https://www.facebook.com/sundancemusicuk/
  19. Friday 9th June sees the release of The Cuckoo Clocks second album "Frontiers of a Seductive Mind". To celebrate, The Cuckoo Clocks will perform their new album in it's entirety accompanied by Strings from the Up North Session Orchestra and a host of guest musicians in a special one-off production at the historic Abbeydale Picture House Cinema in Sheffield as part of Sheffield Makes Music. Support from Liam Walker. Doors 7.30pm – music starts at 8.30pm Ticket price : £15 available from https://thecuckooclocks.co.uk/ No age restrictions. Pre-order your copy of the album in advance here: https://igg.me/at/thecuckooclocks/x/9623798
  20. ⭐️It's our 1st birthday today, let's celebrate⭐️ We review the first year, Debra Meaden, birthday drinks and have all these acts on the show. SHEAFS // Syrupp // Kid Conventional // Vida // Henderson Band // Otis Mensah //Amy Humphrys Music Enjoy. Please share and susbscribe for free. Sponsored by Alya Records ITS HERE
  21. Sheffield Sounds - Various Sections (bookmark them!)

    To buy tickets for our events please visit: Skiddle. Sell tickets online: Skiddle Promotion Centre
  22. Bayonet have just been announced to play the Tramlines Crystal Stage this year. Last time these lads played this stage it was packed. This time around it's expected to be one in, one out for their set. Bayonet are a band on the rise and to step out on this stage this summer will be a big one for them and their fans as it's expected to be Crystal's biggest year ever with a massive lineup expected. As always entry to Crystal Stage is totally free (no wristband or ticket needed) so head on down there at Tramlines (if you can get in that is - make sure you are down early for the bands you want to see) Tramlines Crystal Stage - https://www.facebook.com/events/486386981551402/
  23. Mowbeck announce Record Junkee show

    One band who are due to hit the big time and no doubt about it are MOWBECK who have just announced a Sheffield date at Record Junkee on Earl Street. Thursday 18th May is the date for your diaries with tickets already on sale and being snapped up by eager Mowbeck fans Get on it Sheffield http://www.seetickets.com/event/mowbeck-live-at-record-junkee-sheffield/record-junkee/1098157
  24. After a relatively quiet period in terms of gigs the manic crazy world of FAERGROUND ACCIDENTS have just dropped the news that they'll be playing a big hometown Sheffield show The band will play the brand new music venue Record Junkee on Friday 19th May along with a few special guests, a bus load of freaks and friends, and undoubtedly what will be a room full of smiles A sure fire way to get crazy in Sheffield! 14+ event / £5 in / winner http://www.seetickets.com/event/faerground-accidents-at-record-junkee-sheffield/record-junkee/1098158
  25. FRAZER have been relatively quiet over the last 12 months or so but that's been for a reason. The last time they stepped out onto the Tramlines Crystal Stage they attracted some big opportunities as a result and have been hidden away since then writing, finding a new sound, and heading down to the big studios of London recording tracks that will be making a public appearance very soon. With a big new sound, an exciting new style and a bunch of new catchy as hell tracks FRAZER are back and announced to play Tramlines Crystal Stage 2017. As always the stage is free to nip into with no tickets or wristband needed at all Also announced so far on the Tramlines Crystal Stage are Trash, Desperate Journalist, Adelphi, The Seamonsters, Sleeptalking, and Billy Bibby and the Wry Smiles. With more announcements to come it's worth heading over to the event page and get involved - https://www.facebook.com/events/486386981551402/ Whatever you do make sure you're there for FRAZER's set - they'll knock your socks clean off
  26. TRASH have been confirmed as one of the bands to grace the Tramlines Crystal Stage this year The band will be playing on Sunday 23rd July at 17:50pm The event is totally freeeeeeeeeeeee with no tickets or wristband needed what. so. ever. RSVP here - https://www.facebook.com/events/486386981551402
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